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Raspberry Pi Projects and Products 

New to the world of Raspberry Pi? Don’t worry, here’s a short and raspberry-sweet introduction!

A Raspberry Pi is a deliciously small and inexpensive computer that anyone can use to learn how to program or to use as an all-around computer for cool projects. Since 2012, the Foundation has developed 3 generations of products and multiple types. Each new model has an improved design and includes extra features like more RAM or more processing power to broaden your project’s capabilities. The latest version is the Zero 2W, a custom-built system-in-package with built in Wireless LAN and many more features.

These Starter kits will help you create your first Raspberry Pi project

And with the hardware comes the operating system named Raspbian, which is a Linux fork based on the popular Debian distribution. Raspbian makes it easy to use Python and Scratch as the main programming languages, with the support of many other languages to keep it accessible. You will have to use a micro SD card as a hard drive to store the OS as well as all the other files that you will create.

Just like any other computer, programming the Raspberry Pi also requires a power source, a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. You can buy all this stuff new or you can get creative and re-use old equipment like using an old TV as a monitor and a mobile phone charger as a power supply.

Once you’ve got everything in order, it is time to start experimenting and learning. Whether you are a skilled programmer writing in Python or a youngster taking your first steps in Scratch, there is a bunch of cool projects waiting for you on the community website.

Raspberry Pi cases

Cases like these below are ideal to protect or mount your module when installing it into a project. We even have a cooling case with fans that will ensure better performance!

Some inspirational projects

Are you looking for a low-entry project to start off? Check our tutorials.