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Starter Kits Soldering

Discover the exciting world of electronics with our starter kits soldering.
Soldering is one of the most important skills needed to participate in the world of electronics. It is the method by which two pieces of metal are joined together by melting solder, the metal glue that holds the parts together.

The good thing about learning how to solder is the fact that you will just need some basic soldering equipment: A soldering iron or soldering station, soldering wire and wire cutters.

Soldering kits

Whadda offers not only a wide range of soldering tools but also a lot of starter kits and educational soldering kits. The kits can be classified according to skill levels (1-5), ranging from beginners to expert levels. A skill level represents the degree of difficulty and is a determining factor in choosing a kit.

More information about the skill levels of soldering

Our ‘start to solder’ kits are perfect for you if you have little to no experience with soldering. It is the perfect way to learn basic soldering techniques and will allow you to practice your soldering skills. The expert level should be okay for those who have a good amount of soldering experience and are not intimidated by building complex circuits.

Each kit includes all parts and components necessary to assemble the product, along with a detailed and illustrated manual that will guide you along each step. Most kits include printed instructions, but we are slowly moving towards online manuals.

Soldering is a very handy skill but it takes a lot of trial and error and a lot of practice to confidently and neatly solder. Find a good way of holding the soldering iron, find out the amount of solder you need and work out how long you need to keep the solder and tip in place. But most important: don’t be afraid to make mistakes, practice makes perfect!

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