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The ultimate dream of every maker; making robots or be good at mechanics! Most of our robot projects combine mechanical skills with electronics and coding. Each project is accompanied by an illustrated (online) manual, so you are not on your own.

We’ve also got lots of practical stuff to turn any room into your personal makerspace. Take a look around our webshop and make your wildest mechanical dreams come true.

You are able to see or filter the kind of difficulty level that you can expect from each product.



Mechanics Level 1

If you think a ‘screwdriver’ is a kind of drink, it is best to start at level 1. There are very easy-to-follow instructions included to the projects at this level and you will need to assemble a few basic parts. Also, you will only need to use basic tools, like a screwdriver (the tool, not the drink).

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Mechanics Level 2

If you can successfully build an IKEA closet, this level is for you. The instructions are still easy-to-follow and the required tools are basic but the number of parts may increase.

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Mechanics Level 3

You have some mechanical experience like building basic robots but you are still trying to understand how most mechanics work. You are also starting to know your way around different tools, yet you still require detailed instructions. The parts are increasing in number and declining in size.

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Mechanics Level 4

You have successfully built robots or similar and you understand most mechanical parts. The instructions are starting to give you more freedom, so you will have to make your own decisions at some point. Also, you will need access to some professional tools to assemble more complex parts. Precision is key here.

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Mechanics Level 4

You have acquired a lot of mechanical experience and your desk office has turned into a maker space. You do not buy devices, you make them. At this level, only the most crucial instructions are given so it is best if you are not afraid to try out your own methods to make things work.

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Did we convince you to start with Mechanics or Robotics? Get going on your first Robotics DIY project and make your wildest mechanical dreams come true.

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