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About Whadda: the Premium Maker Brand that produces electronics projects

Whadda is a Premium Maker Brand by Velleman Group nv that produces electronics projects for hobbyists, or as we now call them, makers. Creating these electronics projects has been Velleman’s main activity for more than 20 years!

So since 2020, we at Velleman Group have decided to update its exciting electronics brand into Whadda. We even designed a little mascot named Whaddy!

Whaddy will help out novice Makers to find their way in the world of electronics. He’ll spread around tips and tricks, and teach you a thing or two about our four main skills.

Each project is also accompanied by an illustrative manual that is available in at least 5 languages. This manual can be found online, on the product page of the project in question. Simply click on the manuals tab to find it. Only our soldering kits for kids include a manual on paper.

Each day, we strive to post tutorials, projects, and videos about our projects as well. This way, Whaddy can guide and teach you in the best way possible!

Meet Whadda maker & ambassador Mauro!

Codermauro is a 13-year-old maker from Belgium and a master in coding and robotics.

Together with us we’ve created 2 starter tutorials:

  1. Learn how to Solder with Mauro and Whaddy
  2. Learn how to Code with and the XL kits

Find out more about Mauro and his mad experiments on his website or go follow him on Instagram and Youtube.

👋💜 Welcome to the #WhaddaCommunity! 👋💜

Whadda Ambassador - Mauro Druwel

Develop and upgrade your skills with Whadda

Whadda’s exciting projects will revolve around these four main skills. This means, that each DIY project will focus on at least one of these skills. On this website, you will be able to see which project focuses on which skills, and the kind of difficulty level you can expect from that project.

Join our community! #WhaddaMaker

Let’s get creative! Share your projects with us and the Whadda Maker Community. Use #WhaddaMaker and tag us when posting your latest DIY project!
Each month, the team will pick a project to be featured and the featured maker will receive a nice suprise!

The Tiny Engineer
Soldering with Emilia
Coder Mauro