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High-quality PLA Wood filament for 3D printing

Bring your 3D projects to life and create beautiful wood-like objects!
PLA (polyactic Acid) is used as base material and is one of the most popular filaments in the 3D printing world. PLA filament comes in all kinds of colours and is available in special effects, like metal, glitters, glow-in-the-dark, PLA satin, PLA glitter, PLA matt, etc. Even material such as wood is widely used. Off course it’s not really wood, but the 3D printer filament contains real wood fiber which makes the printed objects look, feel and smell like real wood. There are no wood-working tools (hammer, saw) involved!

With Whadda wood filament, you can create some wonderful wood-looking objects! As 3D printing has gained popularity, more and more people have begun using materials like wood filament for their 3D printing projects.

PLA wood filament, a wood-based filament

Velleman wood filament contains around 70% PLA and 30% wood particles. The wood component is a mixture of different kinds of wood (timber, cedar, coconut, birch). The wood filament is warp-free without deformation. Wood filament is also known as woodfill or wood-filled. The 30% wood fibres give your 3D print a real wooden look and feel. The 3D printed objects can be treated as if they were made out of real wood (such as drilling, sanding, etc.).


Wood fibres are added to the base material, giving it the look and feel of real wood. Because of the added wood, the 3D printing filament is biodegradable and is therefore the ideal choice for many applications.


Wood filament is a widely used filament in the 3D printing community. It is strong and durable, less likely to warp and easy to work with. The PLA wood filament is available in different colours and is used to print 3D objects such as wood utensils, elements of jewellery and even toys. Wood filament has a lot of 3D printing possibilities and is suitable for products such as art objects, furniture, …


  • Smells and feels like wood while 3D printing
  • PLA material has nice woody scent
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Easy to print at low temperatures

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