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3D printer replacement parts

Replacement parts and upgrades for your 3D printer

Sometimes parts on your 3D printer break, and sometimes you have that itch to pimp your printer and make it even better.

As 3D printing is becoming more popular and accessible than ever, we at Whadda realize that it’s more than just your 3D printer that delivers great results. A broad supply of 3D printer parts and accessories also are very important when it comes to determining the final quality of a product.

Upgrades aren’t an essential part of 3D printing, but if you want you can customize your 3D printer with a lot of enhancements. Some upgrades won’t take much work to install, while others are more complicated and will need new mounts to fit these parts together, or some firmware changes.

Do you need to replace a broken part, or are you looking to upgrade your 3D printer with the latest features? Velleman offers a wide selection of 3D printer replacement parts to keep your K8200, K8400, K8800 running, as well as accessories and upgrades to improve performance and ensure your 3D printer is always ready to print whenever you are.

Mechanical and electrical components, sets and add-ons
You will find all your 3D Printing upgrades, replacement parts, starter packs, sets and add-ons here at Whadda. Whether you are taking on a full DIY 3D printer build or looking to replace a nozzle, we have you covered.

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