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Soldering & desoldering equipment

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Soldering & Desoldering Equipment

Whadda has a wide selection of soldering and desoldering equipment, including soldering irons, soldering stations, rework stations, soldering placemats, soldering stands, soldering iron tips, soldering wire, soldering flux, lead-free solder, soldering aids and accessories.

Soldering equipment

Soldering iron

This hand tool is the most important instrument for soldering. It provides the heat to melt the solder and comes in pen or gun form. Whadda has a big selection of different types:

Soldering station

A soldering station allows you to control and adjust the temperature of the tip and is an indispensable instrument if you are going to be doing a lot of soldering.

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Soldering aids and accessories

Soldering stand
A soldering stand provides a safe place to put down the hot soldering iron between uses and helps to prevent burns or even fires.

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Soldering helping hand
A helping hand has a pair of clips of that fixes the objects in almost any position and at any angle, leaving actual hands free to manoeuvre the soldering iron and solder.

Soldering Iron tips
Soldering iron bits are interchangeable parts that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

A cleaning sponge is a must and will help to keep the soldering iron tip clean.

Solder is a metal alloy material that is melted to create a permanent bond between the two soldered components. Some types of solder also include flux, a substance that gets rid of oxide layers on metal parts to help the solder adhere better.

Desoldering Equipment

Desoldering pump
With this tool you can remove excess solder or desolder a joint.

Desoldering wick
Desoldering wick is used to clean the excess of solder in a simple and precise way.

With the right tools for soldering you can create and solder your own circuits and repair your own electronic appliances. Our equipment is ideal for both beginners & experts. Shop online in our webshop and start creating!

Learn how to solder with whadda!

This tutorial will show you the basics of how to solder.

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