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Educational Kits – Soldering Kits

STEM – Dive into the world of science

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and is used to group together these four disciplines.

Take your first steps into the modern world of electronics with our Educational Kits.

Whadda carries a variety of educational kits ranging in a variety of skill levels, from complete beginner to advanced. Some teach the basic fundamentals of STEM, while others are much more challenging and experimental. The kits can be classified according to skill levels (1-5), ranging from beginners to expert levels. A skill level represents the degree of difficulty and is a determining factor in choosing a kit. Many of our hands-on kits don’t require soldering, however, those who do are a great introduction to electronic assembly and soldering.

For the soldering kits you will need some basic soldering equipment such as a soldering iron or soldering station, soldering wire and wire cutters. Our ‘start to solder’ kits are perfect for you if you have little to no experience with soldering. The expert level should be okay for those who have a good amount of soldering experience and are not intimidated by building complex circuits.

Each kit includes all parts and components necessary to assemble the product, along with a detailed and illustrated manual that will guide you along each step. Most kits include printed instructions, but we are slowly moving towards online manuals.

Prepare yourself for the technological advances of the future

If you’re looking for ways to develop our improve your STEM skills, look no further! Our educational kits offer a hands-on learning experience.

The STEM-based kits make potentially complicated subjects simple and fun and are the perfect tool to support and encourage critical and creative thinking, practical learning and problem solving. No matter what age you are, Whadda has the educational kit you need to start putting your skills to the test!

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