Arduino: build electronic projects

Arduino: build electronic projects

Arduino is an open-source platform used for building electronics projects. It is based on an easy-to-use programmable circuit board containing a microcontroller and easy-to-learn software to write and upload a computer code to the board.

With that you can sense and control objects in the real world. An Arduino development board is able to read inputs and control outputs. The inputs are electronic devices that gather information (e.g. temperature sensors, light sensors, infrared sensors, etc.), the outputs are electronic devices that do things (DC motors, stepper motors, LCD displays, LED indicator lights, speakers, etc.).

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Types of Arduino boards

Arduino is a great platform for realizing your projects but because there are so many different types of boards it can be confusing when having to choose the right one for you.

Below are a few examples :

  • Arduino Uno Rev.3
    The Uno is One of the most popular board because of its great features and is ease of use.
  • Arduino Nano
    The Nano is a very small, sustainable, flexible, and reliable board.
  • Arduino Mega
    The Mega board comes with more memory space and I/O pins and is suitable for projects that requires more number of pins in it.
  • Arduino MKR
    With the MKR board you can quickly prototype IoT projects.
  • Arduino Nano Every With Headers
    Turn your ideas into reality quickly with the new Arduino® Nano Every.
  • Arduino Nano 33 IOT With Headers
    The ease of use of a Nano board with the addition of secure IoT and BT connectivity.
  • Arduino Micro
    The Arduino Micro is a small microcontroller board based on the ATmega32u4.
  • Arduino Due
    A microcontroller board based on the 32-bit Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 CPU.

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Whaddy Night Light

Have a look at the DIY project: Whaddy Nightlight

Make a cool nightlight in the shape of Whadda’s very own mascot, Whaddy!

This design will fit onto any phone charger in the EU.

Difference between Arduino, micro:bit and Raspberry PI

Arduino is a great tool for beginners or people who are looking to get started in programming but there are alternatives out there. Like the Arduino, the micro:bit is a microcontroller but is aimed at getting kids into electronics. Raspberry Pi is a miniature all-purpose computer that offers a great way to learn about Linux and computing.

Want to learn how to write or adjust code?

Whether you are looking to start programming or coding from scratch, or you are interested in Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and so on. We’ve got you covered!