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Without electronics, technology would not be what it is today. Imagine your life without electronics; no computer, no smartphone, no TikTok, no car, no music in your pocket, etc. They are everywhere, and we can’t live without them anymore. But how do they work? And how are all these devices made? Well, you’re at the right address!

Discover all our electronic projects and learn more about how electronic devices work. Or if you are looking for electronics workplace equipment, we’ve got you covered as well.

Mr. Velleman himself once said; Electronics is a fine hobby. And we couldn’t agree more!

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level 1 At this level, the project will include step by step instructions and some cool tests for you to try out. But you should know how to connect a power supply, be it a battery or a plug.
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level 2 You are already able to analyse some basic components in order to find out its orientation and what it’s for.
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level 3 You are starting to understand electrical schematics in order to use your components correctly. At this point, you are also able to make simple electronic circuits operational by yourself and do some basic math.
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level 4 You can read elaborate pinouts and schematics without a problem and are able to do more advanced math. The generator and oscilloscope have also become your besties.
level 5 You have a good understanding of electrical theory and know a lot of component’s specs by heart. You have no problem using an oscilloscope or generator and applying math to get the result you want.

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