Soldering is the process of joining different kinds of metal together by melting what is called ‘solder’. Solder is a metal alloy that is made of tin and can be melted by using a hot iron. By doing so, we can connect different electronic components to each other in a circuit in order to make an electronic device. Sounds cool right!? If you want to learn this neat skill, get crackin’ by making our soldering kits!

A soldering kit can be a cool and simple gadget like blinking lights, an electronic dice, a brain game, and so on. Or it can also be something very practical like an alarm, an audio project, etc. BE sure to look at the whole list!

Looking for a cool STEM project, look no further! These kits are ideal for workshops for children and grown-ups alike. Plus, you can find lots of tutorials about soldering on our website.

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level 1 You know what a soldering iron looks like, but you have not used it before. The level 1 soldering kits include a limited number of basic, through-hole components and you only need to solder on one side of the PCB. Yes, you are allowed to Google ‘through-hole components’. A nicely illustrated manual is also included in the kit.

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level 2 You have already soldered a few level 1 soldering kits, but you could still use some help. At this point, you will have to solder more through-hole components and there might be some tricky ones.

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level 3 You can solder our gadgets successfully without any help and you are looking for a kit with more challenges like soldering on both sides of the PCB and assembling special components.

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level 4 You can solder through-hole components with your eyes closed or you want to try out SMD soldering. At this level, the space between components is small and you may need to use tweezers.

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level 5 You can solder SMD components behind your back and soldering PCB- or LED constructions does not give you nightmares. You live for this!

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