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Whether you are looking to start programming or coding from scratch, or you are interested in Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and so on. We’ve got you covered!

Take a look at our range and discover all kinds of development boards, inputs and outputs, wearables, accessories, and more! If you can dream it, we have it. Each module is also accompanied by a manual and exemplary code. Also, check out our stories page where you can find loads of tutorials.

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coding and programming skill level 1 You are looking to start from Scratch (pun intended).
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coding and programming skill level 2 You have basic experience with Arduino, Micro:Bit, or other entry-level programming languages. You know how to copy and paste code in the correct spot, and you are able to use simple libraries even if you are not completely sure what you are doing.
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coding and programming skill level 3 You are adjusting code before or after pasting it and you have a decent grasp on programming. At this level, it is possible that we will only give you a few pointers to help you on your way.
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coding and programming skill level 4 You are starting to take an interest in more complex development boards like Raspberry Pi, Teensy, and so on. And words like IoT or smart living get you excited! From this point on, you will need to write your own code and use multiple libraries at once. Plus, your Google skills are on point.
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coding and programming skill level 5 You write code when you are awake and you write code when you are asleep. You are the Matrix.
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