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Learn how to write or adjust code!

Whether you are looking to start programming or coding from scratch, or you are interested in ArduinoRaspberry Pi, and so on. We’ve got you covered!

Take a look at our range and discover all kinds of development boards, inputs and outputs, wearables, accessories, and more! If you can dream it, we have it. Each module is also accompanied by a manual and exemplary code. Also, check out our stories page where you can find loads of tutorials.


Arduino is an electronic prototyping platform, which means you can create interactive electronic objects by using some easy-to-use hardware (Arduino Boards f.e.) and the Arduino Software everyone can download. The hardware boards are able to read inputs (f.e. push on a button, light on a sensor) and turns this into an output (turning on a light f.e.).

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a rather small & low-cost computer that enables you to explore computing and coding in languages like Python. You can plug it into a TV or computer monitor and it’s capable of doing everything you’d expect from a desktop computer.


Micro:Bit was designed to encourage children to get involved in writing software for computers. It’s a pocket-sized computer that introduces you to the wonderful world of how software and hardware works with each other.

You are able to see or filter the kind of difficulty level that you can expect from each product.



Coding Level 1

You are looking to start from Scratch (pun intended).

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Coding Level 2

You have basic experience with Arduino, Micro:Bit, or other entry-level programming languages. You know how to copy and paste code in the correct spot, and you are able to use simple libraries even if you are not completely sure what you are doing.

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Coding Level 3

You are adjusting code before or after pasting it and you have a decent grasp on programming. At this level, it is possible that we will only give you a few pointers to help you on your way.

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Coding Level 4

You are starting to take an interest in more complex development boards like Raspberry Pi, Teensy, and so on. And words like IoT or smart living get you excited! From this point on, you will need to write your own code and use multiple libraries at once. Plus, your Google skills are on point.

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Coding Level 4

You write code when you are awake and you write code when you are asleep. You are the Matrix.

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We’ve selected the best starter kits or level 1 code products to start with!

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Micro:Bit. These terms may or may not sound strange to you. But we’re here to learn! So if you’re interested in start to code with one or more of these coding languages, we recommend to start with our starter kits or level 1 coding products. In these kits you have al the material you need to get started.

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Learn how to write or adjust code
Learn how to write or adjust code


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