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Breadboards & eurocards

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If you are taking your first steps in the world of microcontrollers or DIY, you have received a breadboard in your Arduino Starter Kit , your micro:bit Advanced Kit, your Basic Learning Kit for Raspberry Pi or your DIY Kit for Raspberry Pi. The breadboard is one of the most fundamental pieces to learn electronics at any level and a great way to test out an idea or new parts without need to solder. But what is it actually, what is it used for and which types and sizes are available? Let’s take a closer look!

What is a breadboard?

A breadboard is a plastic board with a lot of tiny holes to test a prototype, temporary circuits or a new part. Under the holes you will find metal strips which can make contact with the pins of the components or jumpers wires you stick into the holes. If required, it is possible to connect multiple breadboards together to form the ultimate prototyping surface.

Small or large breadboard?

The most common sizes are small and large. The small breadboard comes in handy for prototyping in smaller spaces whereas the large breadboard is suitable to fit larger projects. So take your time and pick the right size for your project!

Breadboard vs. Eurocard

There are two main types of boards to build: solderless boards and solderable boards. Depending on the stage you are at and what you are making, you will use either a solderless breadboard or a solderable PCB.

Advantages of using a breadboard for your project
The solderless breadboard is the easiest to work with. It is suited for experimenting, designing, and testing circuit connections before making it permanent. A solderless breadboard is reusable because you can connect electronic components without soldering or damaging the board.
Advantages of using a Eurocard for your project
The Eurocard is a European standard for printed circuit boards (PCB) designed to be plugged into and mounted on a standardized subrack. It requires soldering and is used for specific and custom projects. A solderable board is useful to make up permanent, soldered circuits.

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