Looking for a way to make your 3D printed objects more colorful? Then check out this DIY project!

Step 1: start off by 3D printing an object you like (duh!).

Step 2: sand the object a little bit so the surface is rougher.

Step 3: spray plastic primer onto the object, this will help fixate the paint later on. Let it dry for about two hours (consult the information on the plastic primer).

Step 4: find a bucket that is large enough to contain your 3d printer object and fill it with water. Warning: the spray paint is not easy to remove afterward, so please don’t use your parent’s cleaning buckets.

Step 5: spray any type of spray paint onto the water as shown in the video. You can make multiple layers and combinations.

Step 6: wear gloves or place the object onto something, then dip it into the spray/water. Then remove all excess spray before pulling the object back out!

Step 7: let the object dry for about an hour before touching it, and let it dry for 24 hours before using it.

Have fun!