Follow the easy steps below to create your own Arduino based air quality monitor. This project is not only easy to make, it’s also made on a breadboard so you can reuse all parts. The air quality sensor combo board lets you measure the air quality, the temperature, the humidity, and the air pressure. Let’s get to it!

The Ingredients

Most of these ingredients can be found in the Basic Arduino Compatible Experimenter’s kit.


  • USB A to mini B cable (also found in the BAsic Arduino Compatible Experimenter’s Kit)

1. Programming the Arduino

Not familiar with Arduino yet? Then check out their ‘Getting Started’ page here and learn how to program your microcontroller.

Download the code here and upload it onto your Arduino first.

2. Prepping the connection

Check out the electrical connection scheme below and use it while making the connections.

Your assembly should look something like this when powered:

3. All measurements explained

The eCO2 value

eCO2 or carbon dioxide equivalent (CDE) is a measuring unit that estimates how much global warming a given type and amount of greenhouse gas may cause. It does so by using the equivalent amount or concentration of CO2. If the CO2 in the air is at a very high concentration (e.g. more than 5000 parts per millimeter or ppm), than it can pose a health risk.


Well, I hope this requires no further explanation ;) .


This is the physical unit that indicates the amount of moisture that can be found in the air. Temperature and air pressure have an influence on the humidity. Optimal humidity in your house would be between 40 to 60%.

Air pressure

Air pressure or atmospheric pressure is the force that air exercises on everything. The standard pressure Iies around 1,013.25 mbar.


The Total Volatile Organic Compound level is the measuring unit that sums up all volatile organic compounds that are found in an air sample. IT is an important indication of the overall indoor air quality.

If you want to find out more about these measuring units, check out the links below!
ECO2 :

4. The Earth Listener

Looking for an Arduino compatible air quality monitor set? We’ve got you covered! The Earth Listener kit has everything you need to monitor the most important air quality indicators and it also detects lightning!

The kit comes with all the modules you need and has a nice housing in laser cut wood or transparant plexi glass. Find out more about this educacative kit by clicking the link below!