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In stock

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Start making basic freeform electronic projects thanks to this all-inclusive starter set!

Freeform electronics is an artistic way of soldering electronic circuits. Instead of using a PCB or breadboard as a base, we’re going to show you how to use copper wire to connect all components to each other. (If you don’t know what an electronic circuit or a PCB is, don’t worry! We will explain everything in the manual!)

This set includes all the tools and components that you need to make at least 6 different freeform projects. Each project consists out of a few easy-to-solder electronics, but you can make it as easy or as difficult for yourself as you like. This way, each project is doable for beginners and experienced makers alike!

The tools that are provided are a soldering iron, tin-free solder, and nose pliers with side cutters. Of course, a quality coated copper wire is included as well and everything is neatly stored in a practical storage box! We chose a specific type of copper wire because of a few practical reasons. For starters, it’s coated so you can’t create a shortcut. However, the coating is easily removed by heating the copper wire for one second by using the soldering iron. So there’s no need to scratch or sand the copper wire before soldering. This makes soldering your components onto the wire very easy. And lastly, you can bend the wire very easily to create cool objects.

The projects that we’ve designed are an RGB led ball, an electronic candle, an RGB LED alien, an electronic heart, an LED butterfly, and an LED beetle bug. All projects are fun and manageable to make thanks to the online manual with tips and tricks. We even included a few templates to help you recreate the right shape with the copper wire. And if you have access to a 3D printer, you can also 3D print a few objects to help you out even more.

As mentioned before, you can choose to make it easy for yourself and follow our designs for the projects. Or, if you’re an experienced maker, you can change the design however you like!

This set is ideal for all ages and skill levels, so get to it and show us your best freeform projects!

This product is a replacement of: EDUFF1


  • 6 easy freeform projects:
    • RGB LED ball
    • electronic candle
    • LED butterfly
    • RGB LED alien
    • electronic heart
    • LED beetle bug
  • includes everything you need:
    • storage box (460 x 160 x 90 mm)
    • bendable and easy-to-solder coated copper wire
    • all components to make the 6 freeform projects
    • 30 W soldering iron and support
    • lead-free solder
    • half round nose pliers with side cutters
    • batteries required for each project
  • freeform templates
  • online manual and videos (coming soon!)

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Dimensions17,00 × 45,50 × 9,00 cm

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Online Manual

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