Ever dreamed of bringing your own ideas to life with a 3D printer? Say no more! We have all the materials you need to make your own 3D printing projects. Even wood filaments so you can make a beautiful birdhouse for your garden, for example. The sky is the limit when you have a 3D printer at home!

At Whadda we have everything you need for your projects and much more. With over 40 years of experience in the development of electronic kits, instruments and modules we know what we’re doing. Take a look around!

birdhouse 3D printed
birdhouse 3D printed

3D Printers

We’ve made a clear unboxing and assembly video of the Vertex Delta 3D printer and starter set. Click the button below for all the info and the video.

3D Printing Filaments

To 3D print you need your “ink”. The “ink” of a 3D printer is called Filament. We have them in all sorts (PLA, ABS, HIPS, PET-G, …) and colors (satin pink, wood, black, apple green, …).

glitter chess
orange boat
colorful cups

3D Printing Spare Parts

We also have all the spare parts & accessoires you need for your 3D printer. We most like the 3D printer head LED ring and the glass panel to give your creation that great look while being created!

3D Printing Projects

Do you need some inspiration for some cool projects? We got you covered. In our Stories you can find a lot of tutorials and projects about coding, soldering and 3D printing. Below you can find some fun projects.

3d printed catmask

Some inspirational 3D Printing Projects

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