If you are a regular visitor of the Velleman for Makers website, you might have noticed a little change of scenery. Don’t panic, we did not do this by accident! Keep breathing and read on, we will explain everything in this blog article. Meet Whadda – the new Premium Maker Brand!

For those of you who are new to this site, be sure to keep on reading to find out more about Whadda’s heritage!

A change of scenery

Did you know that it has been more than 20 years since Velleman first introduced its unique electronic projects to the hobbyist community? Hobbyists which we now call makers. So we figured that after 20 years, an update of our one-of-a-kind brand is in order! That is why, from now on Velleman for Makers will be called Whadda, the new Premium Maker Brand by Velleman.

Whadda will bring exciting electronics to the maker community! We even designed a little mascot named Whaddy.

Whaddy will help out novice Makers to find their way in the world of electronics. He’ll spread around tips and tricks, and teach you a thing or two about our four main skills.

DIY Projects for Makers

The exciting projects of Whadda will revolve around the following four main skills; soldering, electronics, coding, and mechanics. This means, that each DIY project will focus on at least one of these skills. We also upgraded our website to show you which project focuses on which skills, and the kind of difficulty level you can expect from that project. If you would like to find out more about this concept, be sure to check out our dedicated skill pages, starting with electronics!

What about the Velleman for Makers projects?

Not only did we change the name, we changed the whole shebang! We changed our style, our packaging, and we’re even upgrading some projects! But don’t worry, all existing Velleman for Makers projects will still be available to you. Everything will simply be repacked in a new and sustainable cardboard packaging. A lot of work and effort is put into this rebranding, and these things take a lot of time. Therefore, it is still possible that you receive your project in an old Velleman for Makers packaging. To make up for this, we will be adding some cool Whadda stickers to your order!

We upgraded some of the popular Velleman For Makers products in new exciting Whadda products. We’ve made a list so you can find the new product corresponding with the former known product.

Join the Whadda community!

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