As we all know, Valentine is about showing your loved ones how much you love them. What about a little romance with a unique soldering kit you made yourself?! Turn off the lights and let the LEDs do the rest!

Interactive Flashing Heartbeat Soldering kit

Discover this interactive solder kit that reacts to your presence by flashing its red LEDs in a heartbeat sequence!

The heartbeat gadget will be able to detect your presence or any form of movement from a distance. How do you ask? It has an onboard infrared light and an infrared receiver.


  • 24 x 5 mm red LED
  • heartbeat effect
  • on-board IR remote control receiver module
  • ATiny85-20PU microcontroller
  • on/off switch

DIY Valentine Soldering Kits!

Useful tools to get you started!

Micro:Bit Love tester tutorial

Happy Valentine’s day ❤️! If you are looking for the right person in your life, we’ve made a little project to help you out! This project uses a Micro:Bit and a servo motor to determine how much you love each other. Don’t worry, it is actually completely random so you don’t have to be afraid.