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Poly Reindeer XL Soldering & Programming Kit

Poly Reindeer XL Soldering & Programming Kit


In stock

Poly Reindeer XL Soldering & Programming Kit

In stock

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Looking for a fun DIY Christmas project? Assemble and program this extra-large Poly Reindeer figurine and make its LEDs shine all the colours of the rainbow! Ideal for both beginners and advanced makers!

This educational and fun kit combines soldering and programming skills in one XL-sized project. First, you will need to solder some simple components onto the copper plated circuit board. The components include fancy RGB LEDs that have a special diffused effect. Once the soldering work is finished, you will be able to program the colours and light effects of the different LEDs thanks to the onboard Arduino Nano Every. The Arduino will be pre-programmed with some basic LED effects, so your kit will work once you power it with the included adaptor. Or you can choose to write your own code based on the available example code.

Find the example code and full manual in the manual and downloads tab of this product page.

Programmable add-ons
The printed circuit board of this project is designed especially so you can add different add-ons. For example, add an OLED screen to display messages or program it to countdown the days until Christmas! Or add an IoT Tuya chip so your project can communicate with your smartphone. You can even add a sound microphone, motion sensor or light sensor.

Enjoy the bright RGB LEDs on the , the cute or the . More figurines coming soon!

Extra requirements
This kit does not include a soldering iron, soldering tin, pliers or a soldering mat. All these tools are available on our site!

Not interested in soldering? Check out the !


  • Educational
  • Creativity: Give space to your imagination and create unique electronic projects with the Whadda soldering and programming kits. Unleash your creativity and build something that is truly yours!
  • Made in Belgium: Whadda is a unique brand from Belgium’s Velleman Group that offers DIY projects for hobbyists or makers who want to immerse themselves in electronics, programming and mechanics.
  • STEM project
  • Perfect for young and old: With this experiment kit, children and adults with little or no prior knowledge can take their first steps into the exciting world of electronics and advanced users can deepen their knowledge.
  • The kit is ideal for youngsters and adults aged 9 to 99! However, children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Caution: This set does not include a soldering iron, soldering tin, pliers, soldering mat or third hand but are available on our website.


  • Product basic info:
    • Instruction manual languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish
    • Primary colours: Grey
    • Depth unit: 9 cm
    • Height unit: 32 cm
    • Width unit: 23 cm
    • Weight unit: 660 g
  • Technical data:
    • Specifications kits & modules: power supply: 5 V €” 2.1 A max. (cable incl.)<br>
  • Set-up options:
    • Self-assembly kit: Yes
  • Operational properties:
    • Coding skill level: 2
    • Electronics skill level: 1
    • Mechanics skill level: none
    • Soldering skill level: 2

Additional information

Weight660 g
Dimensions9,00 × 32,00 × 23,00 cm

level 2


level 1


level 2





Assembly manual EN
Electronic diagram EN
Basic code
Code from the pre-programmed Arduino Nano with different basic LED effects.

Online Manual

Click this line to view the Online Manual
Click this line to view the Online Manual


Easy example code with exercises EN



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