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1.75 mm (1/16″) PP FILAMENT – BLACK – 500 g


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1.75 mm (1/16″) PP FILAMENT – BLACK – 500 g – Whadda

In stock

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PP or polyptopyleen is a very lightweight filament for 3D printing. Its printing temperature is a little higher than that of PLA, but it is still easy-to-use and it can resist acids as well as alkali.

Because of its low density, objects printed with PP filament can float easily. Another perk is that it doesn’t break easily! Therefore, it is the ideal material for printing models or hobby boats and drones casings.

Tip: because PP does not adhere to any print sticker such as our BuildTack, we recommend using a polypropylene sheet (if your 3D printer doesn ot have a heated bed). This will avoid warping when printing large objects.

this filament type is compatible with all common desktop FDM and FFF technology 3D printers. Check out all features and specs below!


  • Physical properties:
    • Number of pieces: 1
    • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Technical data:
    • Filament type: PP
    • Impact strength per square meter: 7.5 kJ
    • Specific gravity: 1.24 g/cm³
  • Environmental data:
    • Biodegradable: No
  • Operational properties:
    • Printing temperature: 180-210 °C
  • Included:
    • Reel: Yes
  • Product basic info:
    • Colour: Black
    • Weight: 500 g
    • Width: 5.5 cm
    • Diameter: 20 cm
    • Material: PP (Polypropylene)

Additional information

Weight725 g
Dimensions6,00 × 21,20 × 20,40 cm








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