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Soldering kits & mini kits

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What is soldering?

Soldering is used in the electronics industry and is the process in which several pieces of metal are joined together by melting solder around the connection. Solder, a metal alloy which is melted using a hot soldering iron, is the metal glue that holds the parts together. The soldering wire will form a connection that allows electrical current to flow. Even though soldering is used to form a strong, permanent connection between electronic components, it can be removed using a desoldering tool.

Soldering Equipment

The good thing about learning how to solder our soldering kits is the fact that you don’t need a lot to get started. You will just need some basic soldering tools and materials such as:

Other tools that could be very helpful are:

Let’s get soldering

The most important thing is to learn how to not burn yourself, to have steady hands and to get used to the timing of soldering cooling down and solidify. A good solder joint makes full contact between the two parts and is smooth and shiny. A bad solder joint has gaps between it and either part or is looking clumped, rough or dull. As with any skill, good soldering takes practice. Just go for it!

Learn how to start soldering with Whadda!

At Whadda you will find everything you need to give you hours of fun and soldering practice. We offer fun mini kits, ready-made kits and many other cool soldering projects with various level of difficulty, ranging from beginners to advanced skill levels. Each kit includes all parts and components necessary to assemble the product, along with detailed and illustrated instructions in a selection of languages. For some kits the illustrated manual is only available online.

Ready to have fun building some cool soldering kits? Look no further! Check our online shop for some fun online shopping and start creating.

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