Isn’t it about time to clean out your electronics stash? These 10 practical component sets can help you out! If you want to get a head start on your summer projects, you will need a variety of components to avoid unnecessary delays. Take a look below to discover the entire range and their benefits!


To help you out, we will also describe some project or repair inspiration that you can easily make with these components. For example, repairing any type of adaptor, creating your own power supply, and trying out different Arduino projects.

The advantages

  • The sets come in handy when starting any new project.
  • All the different components in one set brings inspiration for add-ons to your projects.
  • Every component is of high quality, no failures!
  • These sets are ideal for prototyping with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
  • The component boxes are easy to label and stack.
  • Reuse the component boxes afterwards to re-stock with other components.
  • The perfect components are included for repair of different home appliances or even machines.



Some electrifying inspiration

Repair almost any type of adaptor by using the connector set for low voltage applications (VCS200)

With a total of 180 connectors, this set includes 6 types of crimp terminal connectors, 3 types of silicone covers, 3 types of print tabs and shrink tubes for the connectors. These crimp terminal connectors are very easy to mount in order to repair cables of your low voltage power supplies for example. You could almost say that it’s plug and play!

Create your own power supply with the voltage regulator set (VCS100)

Unlimited power! There are 19 different components included in the voltage regulator set that enable you to make different kinds of power supplies to fit your project. When looking to power a good number of addressable RGBW LEDs, the heatsink for TO220, four 1N007 diodes, two electrolytic capacitors (470µF and 10µF) and the L7885 / VA7805 voltage regulator from the TO220 package are a good fit. Before setting everything into stone, you might want to consider connecting the components by means of a breadboard. In our case, everything worked fine from the start!

Mix & Match components for your Arduino based prototyping and breadboard projects (VCS202)

When it comes to Arduino or Raspberry Pi, the projects and combinations of components are endless! For those of you who want to start with an easy project; simply connect some colorful push buttons with LEDs and an Arduino Nano to demonstrate a light switch. Easy and fun to start with! Find the buttons in the push button and switch set (VCS300), which features a total of 82 buttons and switches in different sizes and colors. As for the LED set (VCS101), this box features simple one-color LEDs as well as color-changing and RGB LEDs. Enjoy!

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