When looking at the Boldport electronics, words like extraordinary and craftsmanship always come to mind. These wonderful soldering projects combine the love for industrial electronics with an amazing eye for detail and design. You’ll understand what we mean when you take a closer look at the trails on the PCB.

As for the assembly, making these projects is a real treat! They are a little more challenging to assemble, and the instructions are also slightly different than what you are used to with the Whadda soldering kits. But in this case; change is good. If you are a maker who’s fond of all things electronics, don’t hesitate and treat yo self!

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Featured: The Lady

This little lady is the ideal kit if you want to start off easy with the Boldport series. There are only two SMD components included, which are fairly easy to solder. To top things off, we added the cutest red feet to make sure you can’t accidentally create a shortcut when placing the lady on to a conductive surface. Oh yes, those resistor feet are functional as well.

Once finished, you will notice that the LEDs glow in a unique diffused yellow light. It’s not magic, it’s Boldport meets Velleman.

Find out how to assemble The Lady by watching the video below.


These wonderful soldering kits are designed by Boldport. Find out more about Boldport Club on https://boldport.com/