Every now and then, we will pick the brain of a Velleman for Makers’ crew member in order to find out more about this mysterious species. And since international woman’s day is not far behind, who better to start with then one of the great galls of the R&D and production department at Velleman; meet Evelien! Get to know this sci-fi lovin’ lady by reading her story below.

She traveled far and wide …

After graduating as an accountant, Evelien started a temp job at Velleman in 2013. She traveled through the accounting- and sales department before finding her true calling as a production assistant at the Velleman for Makers’ R&D department. Evelien was welcomed with open arms at that time because R&D could use a little feminine touch after years of being an all-boys team.

And although Evelien did not have a technical background, she sure knew the basics thanks to her tech-savvy dad. That’s why she quickly fell at ease at the R&D workspace.

The engineer’s best pal

So what’s a girl like Evelien doing in a place like R&D?
Once a project is being developed, Evelien will source all necessary parts and components in order for the product engineer to make a prototype. When the prototype is finalized, she will draw up the final BOM (bill of material) and plan the production.

Aside from her daily tasks, the R&D product designers also rely upon Evelien to give feedback on the many designs of the Velleman for Makers projects because this girl’s got style!

Side projects

At Velleman, every employee is encouraged to be creative and to help think up new ideas. One of Evelien’s ideas was to develop a new solder kit in light of her favorite season; the holidays! Needless to say, the Snowman minikit is Evelien’s favorite Velleman project because she designed the LED pattern as one of her side projects.

When she’s not dreaming about minikits, she enjoys board games, playing snooker and taking care of her little aquatic friends. Is this the ideal colleague or what?

That’s it for our first ‘Meet the crew’ interview, be sure to leave a reply for Evelien in the comment section below. Over and out!