Who doesn’t want this marvelous project for themselves!? Once this DIY project is finished, you can wear it, move in it and it even glows!
Read on to find out how to make it for yourself!

The 3D printed parts

Thanks to Monstermovieprops, you can find the complete gauntlet design on Thingiverse! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3205209

The entire gauntlet consists out of about 35 pieces (we kind of lost count) and is designed to be completely wearable.We chose to 3D print most pieces at a certain angle for which you need a lot of support, but by doing so, it gives a great result.

Resolution: 0.1
Infil: 15%
Filament: PLA Metallic gold glitter

The metallic gold glitter filament gives very nice results. Therefore, we chose not to paint the gauntlet afterward. However, this tricky filament does wear out your nozzle, so if you don’t like replacing the nozzle after a few 3D prints we suggest you use bronze PLA filament as a great alternative.

Once all the parts are printed, we started putting together the arm pieces first. Monstermovieprops gives the advice to use gloves as a base but we just glued all pieces together and finished off the inside with some EVA-foam.

The hand compartment is kept together by gluing rubber bands between, this keeps everything flexible. The fingers are kept together by screws so they work like joints and it enables you to move. The thumb is an exception, this one is also kept together by gluing rubber bands between the parts.

The stones are 3D printed with transparent filament so the BrightDots’ light is a bit diffused. Simply glue them on top of the hand et voila!

The BrightDots

Once the 3D parts are printed and assembled, we added some BrightDots underneath the stones to make it look like they light up.
The LEDs are controlled by the small ATTINY Arduino and everything is powered by a LiPo battery.