Contest Rules

Rules for the contest: “Whadda Winter Contest 2020″

Velleman nv, Legen Heirweg 33, 9890 Gavere, Belgium, organizes a contest with the following prizes:

  • First place: one 3D printer “Vertex Delta  3D  Printer  and  starter  set” (HKDELTA3D) + one Freeform set (WSEDU05)
  • Second place: one Freeform set (WSEDU05) + Whaddy start to solder – Educational Kit (WSEDU20)

Any adult (or minor that is accompanied and supported by their parent or guardian) residing in one of these countries (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the UK) can participate in this contest. Except for Velleman NV employees and their resident family members. Contestants can only participate individually. Participating in groups is not allowed. The contest allows a single participation per person, per domicile. A participant cannot participate multiple times. Velleman NV reserves the right to exclude those participants from the contest. By entering the contest, each participant declares to have accepted the rules without reservation. Persons who distort competition in any way, infringe the competition rules or attempt to do so, are completely excluded from the competition. Participating in the contest is only possible by completely meet the conditions described below (article 4). Each participant has the right to leave the contest at any time.

The contest runs from 21 December 2020 until 27 December 2020. On 28 December 2020 the winners (first en second place) will be announced (see below). Velleman NV reserves the right to suspend or cancel the contest at any time without any liability to any person for any damages whatsoever.

A jury with members of the Velleman Marketing Department will review the responses and rank them based on originality. The first two people in this ranking will receive the prizes. The person on number one in this ranking will get the main price, the second person in this ranking will get the second place price. The winners will be announced on 31 December 2020, on the Instagram page of Whadda ( To claim the prize, the winner must respond within five days by means of a private message.

Conditions of the contest:

  • you enter a creative DIY Christmas deco idea by responding on the Instagram ( and/or Facebook post ( we made public on 21 December 2020
  • the idea must be original (not a copy of someone else’s idea)
  • the idea is related to DIY electronics, robotics, programming, mechanics or soldering
  • the idea requires a minimum of 2 different skills, such as programming, soldering, electric circuit design, a.o.
  • the idea is not offensive in any way

The prize includes:

  • First place: one 3D printer “Vertex Delta  3D  Printer  and  starter  set” (HKDELTA3D) + one Freeform set (WSEDU05)
  • Second place: one Freeform set (WSEDU05) + Whaddy start to solder – Educational Kit (WSEDU20)

The winner accepts that his or her name will or can be published on,, Velleman NV can not be held liable in any way for any consequences that may result from the publication of the data of the winners.

Velleman NV reserves the right to suspend or withdraw the competition at any time in any particular jurisdiction if compelled to do so for legal reasons or  for compelling self-regulatory reasons, without any right to compensation or concessions in respect of the participants.

The contestants acknowledge that the contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed nor administered by Facebook nor Instagram.



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